Friday, March 06, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We have been blessed by this weather recently and we love it. After a long time without Marvin around, he finally has a few days off, I was so excited that he had a 4weekend, so yesterday we headed to the zoo. We had a good time and I was excited to be able to wear flip flops again.
Unfortunately Marvin is sick today, he had a temperature of 101.5, so he'll be out of commission for another couple of days, which means our 4 day weekend won't turn out to be much family time. This morning Calvin has kept going to our bedroom door and saying "Dada". When I tell him he is sick and needs to sleep he just starts crying. Yep that's what I feel like too.

I have no idea how you single moms & military moms do it. I have to admit I'm tired. It's been a while since Marvin has been home. He went to New Orleans and when he came back his company started preparing for the Wichita Garden Show, and he worked long days and sometimes through the night.
We are thankful for a great job and for his hard work, but this mama is tired! Calvin has been sick, which means he has been extra needy/whiny and honestly he knows his Daddy hasn't been around, which has lead to lots of problem behaviors. I'm tired of disciplining him and it just doesn't seem like his hitting is getting any better.

So that's what's going on in our world. I'm clinging to God's strength right now and asking that he gives me a renewed joy as a mom. Here a few pictures from the last few days that made me smile.

I figured out how to entertain Calvin for a while, draw a bunch of clocks in a coloring book. He has spent hours looking through this book and is always thrilled when he sees a clock.

He helped me out in the kitchen the other day while I was cooking dinner. He lined up all the bottles then put the lids on them.

Wearing his John Deer Hat. It's a little big, but does the trick.

If the zoo isn't exciting enough, it's also full of treasures that Calvin insists on picking up.

Enjoying the view!
These are my new favorite birds. They are so funny they look like a bald man with long hair. It was so funny to see their "hair" blow in the wind.

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