Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I did it...they are done!

Last night I finally finished my sewing projects! I'm so pumped, which means I can move on to my next project. I rarely finish a project completely, I am very proud of myself. (I guess I'm working on some discipline.) Now I only have one project left unfinished in our house, my fabric book, maybe I'll tackle that today. I've been putting off cutting out felt cars, it seems so tedious.

I'm hoping to sell these things once I get a few more things made. I can't wait to show you the little slippers I finish next. I love being creative! This is what I finished:

4 nursing covers. I added a pocket at the bottom of these, to store a burp cloth and/or nursing pads. I think I'll sell them with a burp cloth with matching fabric and a set of disposable nursing pads, probably for $20-$25. I haven't decided yet. I'm hoping to buy some girly fabric this weekend and make a few more next week.
30 burp cloths. I still had to finish closing some of the burp cloths I made before so this isn't all the sewing that took place but I was pleased at how these turned out. I eliminated the basting and these took half the time. I haven't decided if it was worth it, because I had to rip more seams due to my ribbon moving. I lined the back with terry cloth and the fabric is felt so these are super soft. I'm thinking I'll sell these for $3/each. It seems like that is how much they run in the stores and these are much cuter and unique.

Hooded Towels. Calvin was outgrowing his baby towels and we've already fallen in love with these. He's so cozy wrapped up in these, he fusses when it's time to get dressed. I haven't decided if I'll sells these, unless anyone wants one. I personally wanted to have these. I have one more that isn't pictured, so I think Calvin's set on new towels that actually cover him now.

So how about you, what are you working on right now? I encourage you to find a creative outlet at least once a month, once you start you'll love it.


Sherry said...

what about your bibs?! I love those as well! Cute stuff and I have found mine to be VERY useful.

Carrie said...

So Cute!! I have actually been looking for bigger towels, so if you ever do decide to make more I'd love to be your first towel customer! The baby ones are so little, then they don't make them with hoods anymore. You are so talented, everything looks great!

Marie said...

oooh I loved the nursing cover! A pocket in the front would be great. I am always fishing around for a towel because it always seems to be misplaced.

Heidi said...

Those are all so cute! I am definitley not that creative. But you will very proud to know that I have started making a small quilt!I have a pattern and book that tells me the step by step : ) So far it has been fairly painless. I need to find a hobby to do when I get old!