Monday, March 02, 2009

Feeling Inspired

Marvin's been working crazy hours the last several days, which has left me with nothing to do in the evenings. (I'm not very motivated to watch TV unless I have someone I can snuggle up with.) So I've been trying to finish up some things I started long ago, unfortunately I broke all the needles on my sewing machine while trying to fix the ribbons to Calvin's bumper pad for his crib. Thankfully I started with these bags, my recycling center is now complete, and just in time because my table was starting to overflow with recyclables. I'm very pleased at how these turned out. I started with 50 cent bags from Wal-Mart, used some fabric I had on hand and ironed on some labels and now I have a better recycling system. (Thanks for the Bags Mom!)

Since I broke all my needles I had to go buy some new ones today and wow was I inspired by all the great fabric I saw! I could think of a million things to do with what I saw. The problem is I don't like to finish things...I get too excited about the next idea. How can I fix this little character flaw? Let me start right now, I'm signing off to finish one project that I started long ago! I hope to post pictures tomorrow, wish me luck.

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