Friday, September 07, 2007

My Big Ideas

Marvin loves it when I start a sentence with, "I have a really good idea" or "You know what I was thinking?" or "I was thinking it would be good to....."

Usually these sentences require some work on Marvin's part, most of the time more than I orginally thought they would take. I am a very big picture thinking, so I often forget about the details, so usually my great ideas often involve a lot more work than I orginally anticipated.

So knowing this about me, you can imagine what Marvin was thinking when I said, "I have a really good idea, but I need your help." This time my great idea was to freeze a few meals so that we wouldn't have to cook once the baby comes, but since I can only stand for 10 minute stretches cooking is pretty much off limits, thus I needed the help of my amazing husband.

I broke up the cooking in two different days, and tried to help with as much as I could do, but the first day Marvin ended up cooking all afternoon. The second day went a lot smoother, but Marvin was very glad that it was finished. Right now our freezer is stuffed with a wide selection of meals, calzones to soup, thanks to a guy who humors my great ideas.

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