Saturday, September 01, 2007

The excitement of our lives

Well Marvin bought me a curling iron!!! I am so so excited to have something other than lion hair! He even stood in line for 30 minutes waiting to buy it. Apparently the store he bought it at was having a huge clothing sale and Marvin was one of the only men in line. He felt a bit out of place, but I certainly appreciate his time getting one for me. My curling iron broke before we left Nineveh and we thought we would just pick one up here. What we didn't know is that they are all so expensive, thankfully Marvin found one that was on sale. This has rocked my little world the last couple of days, and was a big pick me up.

Marvin has been talking about the start of college football all week. It is so fun to watch how excited he gets, it's like he is a kid waiting for Christmas.

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