Friday, December 08, 2006


We had such an amazing time in Paris. We are so thankful that we were able to take such a trip. It was a good time of refreshment for us. We hope you enjoy the pictures:

Of course the first place we visited was the Eiffel tower, where else could you start. Before leaving we read that it sparkles at night. We were on our way to a big grocery store and we stopped as we crossed the Seine to enjoy the view and all of sudden it started to sparkle. It was pretty amazing.
The first day we were in Paris we visited the Champs Elysees, a famous boulevard in Paris. We stopped to rest our tired feet and took in a little French food at a restaurant on a side street near the Champs Elysees. After our meal we headed back to the Champs Elysees and we had quite a treat. All of the trees were light up, it was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for a better surprise.
This massive Crypt houses Napoleon Bonaparte.
We loved the ambiance to the city; the buildings were all appealing and flowed together with the same general style. Spots of color were added through flowers still blooming on balconies. Every now and then we would find something pretty fun, like this door. We aren’t sure what this building is used for, but that is one big door.
Sacre Coeur is set on one of the few hills in Pairs and the white cathedral was a pretty amazing site as you look up the hill. We were looking forward to going up in the bell tower but unfortunately it was closed the day we visited. None the less we enjoyed the view from where we were located.
Montmartre was one of our favorite parts of Paris; the streets were filled with quaint little shops, places to stop of coffee, artists selling their work, as well as artists ready to paint your portrait.
Versailles Palace was only a short train ride from Paris. We enjoyed touring the castle and walking around the never ending gardens.
Au Revois! We hope you enjoyed a few of our favorites memories of Paris.

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tim said...

That's awesome. Someday Mandy and I would love to go to Paris.