Monday, December 25, 2006

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We picked out our tree this week and the first step was to develop some sort of tree stand, so Marvin picked up some rope and a couple of buckets and went to work. He did an awesome job, and we were able to decorate before evening. (Mom thanks for picking out a few ornaments for us, it was fun placing them on the tree.)

The day after our tree was up I started hearing a popping sound, from previous experience it was a similar sound that our extension cord made before it caught on fire several months ago. So I examined the tree and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary or hot. I called Marvin in the living room and of course he didn’t hear anything. So the pops continued and we decided it must be the needles falling off and hitting the presents. It wasn’t until the next day we finally figured out that the pine cones were opening and the seeds were falling out. It has been fun to watch all the pine cones open up on our tree.

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