Monday, December 25, 2006

A Holiday Home Tour of the Fortress

We realized we haven’t posted any pictures of the inside of our house. We hope you enjoy a few pictures of our home. We do have an upstairs, but we only use it when we have guest, and guests are always welcome.

Whenever we call America this is the room where we do so from, it has the best connection in the house. (There is the least amount of static from this phone.)

The Living Room
We absolutely love our couch! As with most furniture here it pulls out into a bed, but it is perfect for lounging around and taking in a good book.

The Kitchen
We have spent lots of hours in this room, chopping, dicing, baking and stiring. The pot on the stove right now serves as our hotwater supply. It actually heats up rather quickly, and we have developed quite a nice system of keeping hot water around.

Dining Room/Office

It is such a huge room we usually choose to eat at a table in the living room, unless we have company. But the table is a great place to spread out to work. It is perfect for planning lessons. I usually like to spread everything I have out so I can see it all, and then place it in order.

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mckenna said...

Your place looks beautiful...and spacious!