Monday, December 25, 2006


What is Christmas without a few tasty treats!

We found some Cookie Cutters in Istanbul, so we were able to make cookies in a shape other than a circle. We decorated our cookies with an impressionist style. (Actually I made the frosting a little too runny, I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough frosting if I didn’t. I had to save some powdered sugar for Christmas morning doughnuts.)

Christmas Eve we enjoyed soup in a bread bowl! Our friends who came to help us celebrate had never heard of bread bowls and when we came to the table one of them said, "Where is the middle of the bread?" We rocked their world when we told them we would be eating our soup out of the bread. By the end of the meal we they were convinced that bread bowls were an amazing culinary invention.

Today we had a feast of imported items! Chips and Dip Hummus (A personal favorite, I was so excited to find Garbanzo Beans at a local grocery store!)

AND Cheese Cake!!!! We used the cheese cake for Jesus’ Birthday Cake (we gave him our best!)

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