Thursday, December 14, 2006

Update on Marvin's ankle

A few of you can remember when Marvin twisted his ankle in April. Well he is still experiencing some swelling and pain after he plays sports, if he is on his feet all day, and in the mornings. So Marvin made a doctor's appointment in Istanbul about his ankle. Since we weren't going to be in Istanbul long the doctor did an MRI on his ankle. He found out that it was a pretty bad injury after all, sprained on both sides of his ankle and he ruptured ligaments and damaged some tendons. His doctor's said that they are healing, but thicker and longer and that is why he is still experiencing pain. He gave Marvin more exercizes that will help and a few meds, just in case the pain persists. We are glad to know what finally happened, we thought a few of you would be interested too.

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