Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not that Painful

To obtain a visa for the country we are in you must have an AIDS test. We are not sure why, or what happens if you are positive for AIDS but we have to have it. So we asked around and found out where you could get one done in our city. We nervously approached the hospital and all of us were a little anxious, but we were relieved to see needles in new packages. This made us relax a little bit. We were a little surprised at the proceedure:
  • The doctor who took our blood didn't bother to wear gloves, but most importantly she wore a mask. I sure hope she knows how AIDS can be spread.
  • After the bleeding stopped she asked us to put our cotton ball in a old jar filled with Vodka.
  • They aren't that into patient privacy either, as when Marvin went to pick up our results she had him look through the box and find the ones he needed and didn't even check his documents.

The great part is the results were ready the following day. The medical system here is always filled with surprises.

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