Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Trip to the Zoo

Our friends called us up and wanted to do something with us last Saturday, so they suggested that we go to the Zoo. So we prepared our selves to be depressed at the conditions of the zoo. It was a little depressing as the animals were all held in small cages and did not have any room to run around. However we were surprised to see a few 'exotic' animals: Cows and Sheep. Our theory is someday those animals will be lunch for the predators. Another shocking find was there was a dog in a cage along side the wolves! We are not quite sure why?!?! The Bears just cracked me up. As we entered the Bear row one of them was standing up on his hind legs with it's front legs proped up on the cage as if he was saying, "Hi I'm really bored so I am going to look at you for a change." The bear we did get a picture was extremly thirsty and as the zookeeper was filling up his friends' bowls he was just standing by his waiting for his turn. As the zookeeper filled up his bowl he took the opportunity to drink from the running source.

Earlier that week our language teacher told us that 3 baby tigers were born. When we found out we were going to the zoo we figured there was no way that we could see them since they were still very young, but upon arriving at the zoo one of our friends started talking to the zoo keeper in charge of the tigers asking him questions like, How much do they eat? How do you know it is safe to enter the cage.....? When our friend mentioned the baby tigers the zookeeper told him we could see them for a little price, before we knew it we were behind the tiger cages and were able to take a peek at the little furballs. They were huddled together in the corner of a cage. We snapped a few pictures and were on our way all for about $2.00.

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