Friday, October 13, 2006

Village Trip

A few students at the school we work at agreed to host our guests who came to visit, and we tagged along. The village we went to was only about 10 minutes away from town, but it took us a while to get there because the student we were with decided to be our tour guide for the afternoon and evening. It turned out it was a rainy day so we were a little cold, but we made it through and actually saw some beautiful things.

This is a picture of Blue Lake. The water is very clear and is very deep, infact they don't know who deep it is. The leaves were starting to turn and it was just goregus. I do want to visit again on a nicer day this fall.

Then our "tour guide" took us a tunnel through the mountains, which almost lead to a little nausea on my part, but PTL we were able to stop a couple of times for photo opportunities. You cannot tell very well from the picture I posted but there was literally a 180 drop off from the cliff that you could drive your car out on. I was a little freaked out, but also I was in awe at the beauty of this part of the world.

We finally convinced our tour guide that we didn't have time to visit the waterfalls approximately 40 minutes away because it would be dark there by the time we saw them, and so he took us back to his village and finally was about to meet this young man's parents. Of course they treated us to a wonderful meal with the most unbelievable hospitality you can imagine. It was a great time for all involved.

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