Thursday, October 05, 2006


We have mentioned before the number of Remont places in our town, basically it a place where you can get something fixed. There are remont places to fix TVs, radios, anything electronic, anything in your house, shoes, cell phones, you name it they have it. So when the switch to our lamp quit working I decided rather than buying a new lamp I would try to get it fixed instead. I figured it would be easier to get it fixed than to find two more lamps that were not in the shape of a dolphin. I am really not joking it took us a while to find normal lamps.

So I ventured out with our secretary to get them fixed two hours later we were back with working lamps! Here was the process
1. Knowing that we would need to purchase a part we thought we would try to get ahead of the game and we went to a part store, then we walk to the repair man to have him install the new lamp switches.
2. The repair man looks at the switch and tells us the switch we bought won’t work, we need to go to a part store 2 blocks away and purchase two new switches. (Yes repair men here do not keep parts at their store; you must go and buy them yourself).
3. We go and buy the new switches.
4. We come back and it takes the man approximately 5 minutes to replace both switches.
5. Then we walk back to the first store and return the switches that did not work and get my $1.00 back.

With all this said and done we are glad our lamps are working and for a grand total of $2.00 we now have two working lamps, which do not look like dolphins!!!

I also discovered in this trip a place that will fix your umbrella if it is broken. Yes there is a Remont for everything.

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