Thursday, October 05, 2006

Language update

Recently I have decided I will try to speak as much as I can and not worry so much if I am saying things correctly. I decided the whole grammar thing was intimidating me too much and really who cares if I use the wrong to go verb. This new attitude has actually helped me as I catch myself making mistakes and correct them the next time I say something.

Now are you ready for a story that I just think is hilarious, I hope you do too.
Well we skyped with my parents last weekend and stayed later to spend some time on the internet trying to find a hotel for our vacation in December. We decided it was getting late and we needed to call a taxi. So I do what I have done a hundred times I called a taxi, all is going well until they call back and rattle something off extremely fast, all I caught was the verb to go. So I said “K Ville 1” thinking maybe they didn’t remember where we were going. The lady was really confused and then just hung up on me (taxi dispatchers are not the most patient people in the world). So about 30 seconds later the phone rings again, I answer it and it is the same lady who says slower, why did you say K-Ville 1? I could not think of anything else to say but, “I don’t know” like I was in trouble or something. She then proceeded to tell me the taxi will come in 5 minutes. So I guess I don’t know that much language, but at least we are trying.

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