Friday, October 20, 2006

Staying Warm

The weather turn a little colder about two weeks ago and our house has been a bit on the chilly side. Marvin actually went upstairs on Sunday and he could see his breath. It was pretty crazy. When we moved out to the village we were showed a billion things about the house and well we didn't remember all of them especially how to turn the heat on, apparently there were a few more steps that we were unaware of so we had to wait until a friend could come out and show us how to do it. In the meantime we bundled up in sweaters and wrapped ourselves in blankets at all times, we averaged around 60- 61 degrees F. So we decided to make a fire, our first attempt didn't go so well as it filled our entire living room with smoke, but we decided to try it again and it was successful. Our heat is on now, but we are looking forward to using the fireplace this winter.

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