Friday, October 13, 2006

The Birthday Boy

We celebrated Marvin's birthday two weekends ago with a quiet little party, but I couldn't resisted putting up a few balloons in honor of the K-State game the next day. Marvin stayed up late to catch the end of the game and was very pleased that we squeezed out a win.

We had Marvin's favorites for dinner, all of which are our grandmothers recipes. Tacos (the real ones filled with meat potatoes and peas then fried) and Sopa (a Mexican rice dish). Dinner was followed up by peanut butter pie. FYI candles are not the best in a pudding substances, especially 26 of them. (Kathy thanks for the pudding.)

Then the next day Marvin enjoyed pizza at the best pizza place in the area while he was waiting to pick up some visitors at the airport.

We also wanted to say Happy Belate Birthday Grandpa. We didn't forget it was your big day as well. We love you and miss you!

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