Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A little Halloween Fun

Holidays now have become events where we have an excuse to celebrate something. Therefore we were glad to hear that our colleagues wanted to have a Halloween Party. You must know that when we have a party here we do it right, so this meant dressing up, carving pumpkins, stuffing ourselves silly with sugar, and a few favorite Halloween TV shows.

First of all we would like to show you what we looked like this Halloween. Here we are.......
If you are wondering what we dressed up as we were PIGS IN A BLANKET!!! Thanks to Marvin this idea turned out great. My original idea was to be a snowman and a snowwoman but Marvin didn't want to get in a taxi dressed up like a snowman. Oh well there is always next year.

Since we were having a Halloween party we needed a cake, so I thought I might as well try my luck at decorating a cake. It turned out a little better than I thought, but I think I still need some practice.

Thanks to a local colleague at the business school we found some pumpkins, but there is one little difference; Pumpkins here are not orange like we have in the states but are instead green. The good news is that other than the color they are the same thing. When the lights are off you don't even notice the color. (And yes that is a birthday candle in our pumpkin, it worked quite well.)


tim said...

That's really fun guys. Did you watch "It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!"?

Carrie F. said...

Very clever costume idea...I love it! Your jack-o-lantern looks great, too. :)

surrendering said...

I love your costumes!!! But more than that, I love the picture of the leaves. It made my heart hurt a little missing there so much. It was a good hurt though! And more than THAT I love you guys!!!!