Thursday, December 03, 2015

Our Wilderness Explorer is 8

Calvin wanted an Explorer Party this year.  He loves to be out in nature so I suggested we go out to the mountains this year.  We were a little worried it would be too cold, but the sun came out and warmed everything up a bit. 

The boys had a good time exploring the boulders.  It was my least organized party.  I only organized a scavenger hunt.  My boys really were excited about this.  They found some interesting finds.  

I explained in the car that they could earn badges along throughout the day.  They earned a few, but had more fun just exploring and jumping off of rocks.  We even got to share the day with some friends who came a long for the fun. 

We enjoyed some yummy shashlik, kebabs and other picnic foods.  

 While our shashlik was cooking I set out things for a trail mix bar.  Our local friends had never had trail mix before and thought it was a tasty idea.

It’s always great to get out of the city and was a fantastic way to celebrate our 8 year old.

 (How is he that old already?!?!)
He was thrilled with what was inside!  Thanks Mom & Dad for sending the surprise filling.

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