Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Birthday week always kicks off with some cinnamon rolls in honor of a special guy.  With 3 birthdays in a week, the boys get to decide what they want for breakfast on their birthday.  Initially all three wanted cinnamon rolls but then Calvin started thinking about other yummy things you could choose and changed his mind to donuts.  Not any healthier, but hey it was a change.  

We had Marvin’s birthday dinner earlier in the week, fried tacos and peanut butter pie.  So on his actual birthday we put the kids to bed and some friends came over and we went out to eat.  

It was a great meal, great conversation, and a fun new restaurant we had never tried before.  I usually don’t enjoy going out to eat here due to the lack of options but this place offered a few things I haven’t seen anywhere else.  What a treat to get to enjoy a meal without having to cut up anyone’s food or eating one handed while holding a baby.

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