Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Boo-ka-ball Judah’s TWO!

Judah loves balls.  He’s quite obsessed actually.  For the longest time he called everything boo-ka-ball.  If he finds a stick like object he’ll find a ball and for hours can play his own version of baseball.

So it was an easy choice for a baseball birthday party.  His cake was easy, which made the day much easier.

He had a great time.  We had a sunflower seed spitting contest, bubble gum blowing contest, a little baseball relay race and then a home run derby using water balloons. 
Our little birthday boy enjoyed hanging out beside the water balloons.

For our meal we had a hot dog bar with cheese, onions, chili, bacon, jalapenos on homemade buns.  We had to have chips, because that’s one of Judah’s favorite things ever!

It was a fun day to celebrate our always smiling little guy.

He's added so much joy to our life.  I'm so thankful for all he brings to our family.

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