Friday, December 04, 2015

Five Year old Ninja

Birthday week/month ended with a little Ninjago fun.  Micah had fun with picking out his cake this year and had so much fun at his party.

We had a few games that tested our ninja skills.  The first game was trying to pop a balloon with a paper throwing star or try to hit the balloons to earn points for your team.  We then found our ninja names and got into order alphabetically.  Lastly we tested our chop stick skills by picking up as many items in a minute with chop sticks.  There were some very skilled chop stick users in our mix.

Our menu was chicken lomein, oriental cabbage salad, PBJ rolls and grapes.  (I’m discovering it’s better to go simple, it’s only taken me a few years to figure that one out.)

His cake was delicious.  It was a chocolate cake with Oreo icing, I am still dreaming about this cake.  I hope he chooses it every year.  It made up for decorating.  

 I tried.  Plus the most important fact was that my 5 year old LOVED it.

It was a fun day where he felt loved and I enjoyed making his day special.

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