Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer in America

We've so far enjoyed our time in the states.  

We enjoyed one of my favorite holidays at one of my favorite places on this earth.  My grandparent’s farm.

We were able to see Seth’s stone for the first time, a sweet gift.  

We forgot how amazing the ribs are at Guy's and May's.  It was fun watching the boys enjoy running around on the same lawn I did as a child.  They had so much fun.

I enjoyed catching up with family.

Next up was the County Fair.  One of the Marvin’s favorite childhood memories each summer.  We were so thankful to be able to be there for it.

One surprise was that my sister-in-law entered some flowers for the boys in the fair.  They each won a ribbon and it’s one of Calvin’s most prized possessions at the moment.  (Thank you Susan.)

They’ve loved tromping around grandpa and grandma’s farm with their cousins.

Micah’s become obsessed with animals, particularly cats and the baby kittens.  He’s still working on being gentle and we’ve joked that we need to get our little baby a pair of safety glasses to protect him from little brother’s fingers.

They’ve been spoiled by Grandpas and Grandmas and it's been fun to watch their relationship with boh sets of grandparents grow.

My heart has been so blessed by our summer travels.

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