Monday, September 23, 2013


We are now going full swing with Kindergarten.

During our drive to TN I finished planning for the entire year and I’m thankful that the planning part is finished and that I can open my planner and find exactly what we are doing for the day.  My prayer for the year is that this first year of formal education would foster a love for learning and that we can figure out a good groove of what works for us, and to have fun at the same time.

So far we’re both enjoying it, although if you think homeschool is all rainbows and butterflies, you're very mistaken.  On our first day of school it took about 10 minutes of redirecting Micah to try to stop him from literally trying to push his brother off his chair to wrestle. 

I’m using a program called Go Phonics for language arts.  After talking with our educational consultant she brought up a few things about the program I planned on using that third culture kids tend to struggle with, mainly due to their English deficient environment.  So basic skills are not being reinforced by things they are seeing as they are out and about their community.  So she felt like this was a great program that does a good job at overemphasizing some things.  Plus I like the fact it used a ton of games that I didn’t have to create my own.

I’m using Sonlight’s read-alouds and some of its history and science.

For Math I’m using Saxton, we’re finishing up Kindergarten, and will start with 1st grade sometime in March.

For scripture memory we’re continuing using Hubbard’s Cupboard bible memorization verses.

Then as a family we’re using a program called Treasuring Christ.

I have a slew of fun art projects planned for the year and I’m excited for this opportunity to teach Calvin this year.

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