Friday, August 24, 2012

Waltz of the Wallflower and a Dancing Machine

Since we were in the states this summer we were able to go to my cousin’s wedding.  It was fun to get to share her big day with her.  Her momma would have been proud, she was a beautiful bride.  Can you guess what her new last name is?  I thought it was clever.

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is dancing. I had so much fun dancing with my sister, brother, Tamara, cousins and Calvin.

Calvin also shares a passion for the dance floor.  I’m glad I have a son who loves it too and who asked me the next day if we could go back to that place where we were dancing.  It makes this mama’s heart very happy.

I think Micah’s following his daddy’s footsteps, they don’t sharing our love for dancing.  (Someone suggested he’s just being a good SB J.)  While Calvin was tearing it up on the dance floor, his little brother grabbed his daddy’s hand and pulled him outside and to the car.

My boys couldn’t be more different.  But I love that little Micah man just as much as my little dance partner.

Speaking of dancing Marvin ran across this song and he felt it perfectly described high school dances for him.  Enjoy.

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Michelle said...

Haha, you guys are just like us! I love to dance and Shannon...well, he likes it but he's horrible at it. He looks like a drunken frat boy. =) Hope you all are having fun with him!