Wednesday, August 08, 2012


We usually are sitting on the other side of this, being those who minister to those around us, so it’s really odd to find ourselves on this side of things.  We have been so thankful of how the body of Christ has surrounded us and cared for us.  It’s been beautiful and just a little taste of heaven.

When we found out we were headed back to the states we really had no idea what we where we were going to live except that we needed to be in Kansas City close to KU med.  We had several offers and are so blessed by all those who made calls to find us a place or offered a portion of their own home.  Our sweet friend Amy quickly made a few call and found out there was an apartment available on Midwestern’s campus.  What a blessing it was living there.

I didn’t arrive until after I was dismissed from the hospital, but it was neat to hear how the Lord had already given Calvin a couple of friends on the playground.  By the time I was dismissed our family had gotten to know several of the neighbors and the first afternoon I was home the neighbors quickly stopped by to see how Seth was doing.  With tears I barely got out the words, he’s with Jesus now.  Within an hour we had hot muffins delivered to our door a card signed by various people in the neighborhood and food coming in.

The next day a neighbor came over with a couple gift cards from her friend in Texas who heard our story and just wanted to love on us.  Seriously, amazing.  If that wasn’t awesome enough she had put together a schedule for meal for an entire month.  Loved we were.

It was so sweet getting to meet all these strangers who brought us meals each night.  Just a beautiful example of how we can be the body to one another.  One person who I was particularly touched by was a friend of our friends who also work overseas.  They’d been following our story and had their friends praying for Seth too.  So when this woman found out about a need to bringing us a meal, she eagerly signed up.

There was a group who brought us so many groceries, some who brought us diapers.  It was amazing.

One of the sweet things about living where we did was that God knew exactly what we needed.  Amy worked hard and got the place completely furnished.  We had a dishwasher, a washer and a dryer in the apartment, which made us feel like we were living luxurious.  It made the daily stuff 1,000% easier and for that we will be forever grateful.  The Lord knew we needed to be there and he also knew we needed friends there too.  We are so grateful for the friendships he brought to us through Midwestern’s community.  You all have ministered to in ways we can’t formulate words to describe.
We even had wildlife right outside our door.  Coming from a place where it's really, really rare to see a squirrel it was pretty fun to look outside and spot a family of deer, a turkey, or groundhogs.

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kellie j. said...

Did you happen to meet a couple: Omar and Jana Segovia? Don't know if they are still there. So cool how he provided for ALL of your needs!