Friday, August 03, 2012

{Manhappiness} a trip to celebrate 10 years

Right before we left the states we had the opportunity to get away without the boys.  We decided to spend a couple days in Manhattan.  It was fabulous. Relaxing. And just what we needed.

Rather than filling our time seeing other people we decided to just enjoy some time together. (Thanks for understanding all our friends in Manhattan.)  Although we didn’t pass up seeing some pretty dear people in our lives, thanks for lunch Bob and Sandie; it was a privilege to share a meal with you.

We went golfing, something I’m terrible at but it’s something we like to do together. It’s been forever since we’ve gone, so I was extra rusty.  It was hot but we had fun.

Of course it was necessary to stop at our favorite restaurants.  Coco Bolos, Happy Valley and Bluestem Bistro you did not disappoint.

We enjoyed touring town and seeing what had changed since we’d been in school.  Campus is always fun to stroll, which led to lots of happy memories.  College was awesome.

Our Bed and Breakfast was relaxing and cute.  We had fun dreaming up ideas of a B&B when we retire someday.

Thank you so much Allen and Angie for making it possible for us to escape without the boys.


Michelle said...

Wow, fun! I thought you were talking about New York at first...until I saw the pictures. =)

And we talk about a B&B, too, one day...or a coffee shop. Ahh, the dreams we can dream up. =)

Carmen said...

I am sad we didn't get to see you, but totally understand. I'm so happy for you guys that you had some time away together. I'm sure it was sweet to visit old favorites, reminisce, and dream.