Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Wave

With all three of my pregnancies, it has been fun to learn that many of our friends and family were also expecting babies about the same time as we were.  When we found out we were expecting Seth the month that followed was filled with others sharing their news that they too were expecting.

Now we are entering the wave of all of Seth’s buddies being welcomed into the world.

My newsfeed daily tells of a new birth and my heart longs to be happy for our friends and family but mostly it brings tears.

Tears that are mixed with happiness that these babies are safe in their mama’s and daddy’s arms, tears flow because they don’t have to feel the pain we are experiencing, tears come due to the beauty of God’s creation, but tears also flow because I miss Seth.  In each picture I see the joy radiating from their eyes, the pride swelling in their smile because of this beautiful little babe bundled in their arms.  Sometimes it’s too much because I look in the mirror and see eyes that are buried in dark circles and a smile that is marked by suffering, arms that only have memories of what used to be cradled in them.

Please know dear friends we love you and love the little baby in your arms.  I hope you understand our tears.  I long to rejoice with you.


Anonymous said...

Lots of love to you guys. from the Schupacks

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Erica,
These new mommies do understand. That was me 29 years ago when your Aunt Patty lost Marty. I now know how it feels to be on both sides. Wish I could be there to hold you and hug you through this. But you have a wonderful support system with Marvin.