Friday, July 27, 2012


The day we found out about the fluid surrounding Seth’s lungs.  Marvin and I decided we needed a distraction, so we rented a movie on iTunes and decided to watch it in our room.  As we waited for it to download we had a chance to talk about our fears, many of them were unspoken in the form of my tears.  

Then there was a moment when we both looked at our wedding picture that is sitting on a shelf in our room.  We talked about those two people in that photo.  How young and naïve we were when we got married.  I never would I have imagined being the couple we are today, on the day we were married.  We’ve grown up and grown together so much in the last ten years.

We graduated from college, entered the working world, moved overseas, became parents to three precious boys, and most recently had to say goodbye to one of them.

I love this guy more than I ever thought I could.  I’m so thankful to have him right by my side for the past ten years.  He’s been a sweet gift during our loss of Seth. I’m looking forward to seeing where the Lord takes us.

What a blessing you are Mr. Steinfort.  So glad you asked me to marry you all those years ago.


Marie said...

Keep clinging to each other. You guys do amazing things together.

Sherry said...

I love the two of you together. I'll never forget when you said, I've met this great guy...and the amazing coincidence of you always saying Starvin Marvin in high school ;). Ten years ago was a great, great day. I love how He just knows what we need. So glad you've made it back, praying for you daily. Love you so, so much.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!