Thursday, June 14, 2012

The NICU…Seth’s Story part 2

Seth was immediately taken to the NICU after he was stable where his doctors quickly put drainage tubes in both sides of his chest cavity, to drain the fluid that had accumulated in his chest cavity.

His drainage tubes were working initially and doing their job.  They were also taking air out of his chest.
We were hopeful that things would improve.

We were very thankful to have our family there to meet Seth. 
Hold his little hand. 
Say hello. 
And share in our joy.

 He even opened his eyes for his big brother Calvin.

Immediately our doctors and nurses told us we could see him at anytime and truly made us feel welcome at his bedside.

He had amazing doctors and nurses.

As soon as I could I got my first peek at my sweet son, several hours after his birth.  He was so beautiful.  He even moved his arms around a bit

Part of me was overjoyed to be able to touch him, overjoyed that he was stable.
Part of me was aching that I couldn’t wrap my arms around him.

But my heart was swelling with love for this sweet little guy.

Since my body was still recovering from major surgery I had a tough time staying as long as I wanted that first meeting.  So I went back to get some rest, and woke up a few hours later to be wheeled down to spend some time with him in the middle of the night.

He was relatively stable that first night, and I just enjoyed soaking up all I could of Seth.  Praying my little heart out for him.  Begging God to heal his little body.  Asking Him to prepare me for the road ahead.  Praying that it would be a steady road to good health in the NICU.

The next morning, Saturday, Marvin and I both were able to spend some time with Seth.

Our doctor came in sometime mid morning telling us that his blood pressure was not stable and they needed to give him a transfusion and platelets to help get this to a normal range.  I remember trying to ask the doctor as many questions as I could think of and just praying that it would help.

It appeared to work, but as the day went on air was building up in his chest and second drainage tubes were placed to try to keep up with the fluid and air.

Throughout this we took little breaks from the NICU to rest.  I was frustrated that my body wouldn’t allow me to sit beside his bed.  I felt helpless to do anything to make things better.

Later that evening, Marvin came to get me.  Seth was not doing well.  The air that was building up in his chest was being manually drawn from his chest with syringes.  When I walked in there were a flood of doctors and nurses working desperately to help him. He was blue.  I was heartbroken.

The decision was made to try a new drug to regulate the pressure of his lungs, but he had to be on a different ventilator.  The respiratory specialist and both NICU doctors were there.  I remember praying and watching his numbers.  Praying they’d go up.  Eventually they did.  But this ventilator wasn’t one that Seth responded well to, so they had to keep switching him between the one which could deliver this drug and the oscillator.

His doctors had researched a new procedure that that had hoped would close the fistula that was leaking air to his chest cavity.

After lots of calls to various hospitals, many doctor’s consultations they decided they had to try a new procedure.  They injected this drug that would react with the fluid in his chest and hopefully act as glue to fuse this fistula closed.  They would know in a few hours if it worked. So Marvin and I tried to get some sleep.

I hated leaving him there, but I was exhausted and my legs were swelling by the minute and it was becoming very uncomfortable to sit by his bedside.  So we said goodnight and got some sleep.

The next morning we both got ready and headed to the NICU.  I remember praying that the Lord would carry us through that day.  I looked at Marvin and even said, “We can do this.”  We both were very scared, not knowing if it would be the day we would have to say goodbye.  Praying desperately that these procedures would work and that Seth would improve.


Marie said...

Thank you do very much for sharing this story with us. I know it's not easy, but it means so much to me. Love you!

Bab-L said...

he is so small and cute