Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Journey

Many of you have already heard the news but I thought I’d post it here.

Last Friday I had an ultrasound in our city and unfortunately we received some very tough news.  During the ultrasound they found fluid in the baby’s chest cavity surrounding the lungs and heart.  I knew it was a problem but didn’t quite know the words they were using to describe it, so after coming home and translating all the documents and talking with our doctor in Istanbul it was determined it is a clear case of fetal hydrothorax.  She was wonderful helping us figure out what was going on and locating places in Istanbul to help treat it.  However our company feels like it is a serious problem due to the amount of fluid our baby has on both side of his chest cavity.  Our amazing team of doctors and nurses afelt like the baby cannot get the care he needs in Istanbul and told us on Monday it’s best to go the states and seek out a good hospital in a large city with an excellent perinatology department with a good NICU.  We have made an appointment for this following Tuesday at KU Med in Kansas City.

It’s been a very emotional weekend and week.  The thought of going to America completely caught us off guard.  Right now we’re trusting the Lord for his healing of our little guy.  We know the Lord knew of this long before we did and he’s knit this little one perfectly in my womb.  It’s amazing how much we already love him and want what is best for him.  We’re trusting him to help guide us down a road we never thought we would have to enter and praying that he gives us the strength we need each and every step.

We hop on a plane for the first leg of our trip in just a few short hours.  We still have to tie up some last minute packing and make sure our house is nice and tidy before leaving.  

As we leave please pray for us as we don’t really know what is in store for our family’s future. Pr that the Lord fills our heart with peace and that we turn to him in when we are utterly gripped with fear.

Pray for our boys and this transition, specifically Calvin who loves his routine.  Also pr that we can survive the long flight with our active little Micah!

Pray that the L heals this precious baby boy, that the fluid would disappear and the concerns the doctors have at this moment would not be an issue when he is born.  Pray for us as we make decisions in the coming weeks regarding the treatment and well being of our baby.

Pray that we will make the best decision regarding housing in Kansas City.  We’re so thankful for the many offers we have right now.  We’ve been overwhelmed by all the support we’ve been given recently.

Thank you friends.

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