Saturday, May 05, 2012


The number of days Marvin will be home between May 1st and we leave on June 24th for Turkey.

It’s going to be a busy couple of months and I’m already trying to get ready for the long 18 day stretch where he’ll be in America in June.  (Marvin agreed to this trip before he knew I would be super pregnant.)

lessons I hope to get through before we leave the country I to have  baby #3.  (I may be a bit ambitious, we’ll see.

teeth trying to come through in Mr. Micah’s mouth.  He’s been a drooly, fussy, fussy boy.

drawings Calvin’s decided to add to our walls and cushions in the past couple of weeks.  Seriously WHY????????
PTL hairspray really does take pen marks out of fabric.

Brand new shiny fridge in my kitchen.  I can’t believe how much bigger it is.

The number of times Micah’s pooped in the bathtub recently?
 Way too many.


Michelle said...

Nice fridge! I'm so jealous! And I think that the number of days Shannon and I will both be home between now and June 22nd stands at nine. Crazy! I feel your pain. =)

kellie j. said...

oh girl, hang in there! that all sounds CRAZY! i am p'ing for you right now!