Friday, May 04, 2012

Ladies Trip

I got to take a little trip last week and spend some time with some very sweet friends.  I am always so encouraged by these ladies and this trip was no exception.  To get caught up on their family's lives, see a few of their kids before they head off to college, soak up some sweet words of wisdom, it was FABULOUS.

It’s just nice to sit an ask women who get what my life is like questions about how to manage everything, deal with VERY active boys, apartment living questions, language questions, etc. 

Even the part where we were stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes wasn’t too bad.

I did find out I’m highly allergic to birch pollen.  The city was filled with it and one evening we even experienced a pollen storm before the rain came through.  The city sky was green due to the pollen, and when the wind picked up there was pollen everywhere.  It was bizarre, but after the rain I could finally breathe.
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A Jack Daniels Burger is pretty hard to resist.  It didn’t disappoint this time around.  Yum!

And a Wendy’s?  It’s the first one I’ve ever seen overseas.  I took a risk and got a frosty.  My itchy throat was very thankful for the cold frosty and I was thankful for no revolting symptoms on the flight home due to the dairy consumption.

It’s nice being pregnant on the metro.  I’m so thankful for all the people who gave up their seat for me.

I even toured a hospital in town and had an appointment.  The hospital was very nice, but I wasn’t a fan of the doctor I saw, who took none of my pregnancy history into consideration and prescribed a list of things.  After a few emails with my doctor in Istanbul, another ultrasound locally, the concerns he had are pretty much normal for my pregnancies.  (I again have excess amniotic fluid)I’m still waiting on one more test result to come back, but hopefully I’ll have a normal pregnancy from here on out. )

The good thing is I got another sneak peak at Charge (we’ve adopted Calvin’s name suggestion for the time being until we decide on a name.)

It was a trip well worth the money.  Thanks to all the fabulous ladies that made this trip so sweet.

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