Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Great Escape

It only took him 18 months,
but Micah’s mastered climbing out of his crib. 
In his sleep sack.
Bravo little man, bravo.   

This morning I woke up to giggling in the living room.  
I walked in to find this little guy happily playing with his brother.
He looked pretty proud of himself.

Then Calvin said:

“When I opened my eyes this morning I felt something hard and I thought it was a rock, but it wasn’t it was Micah.  He was sleeping by the crack and the wall.  How did he get in my bed?”

Oh boy. 

This drastically changes things around here.

1 comment:

kellie j. said...

oh my WORD! That little squirt! That is so funny. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dialogue!