Thursday, February 16, 2012

What a Week

We got a call from a friend two Saturdays ago telling us an expat friend had fallen while they were hiking in the mountains and was badly injured.  They were on their way to do see frozen waterfalls and our friend slipped and fell off a cliff.  It is truly a miracle he is still alive. 

Marvin and the guys went to see the place he fell from last weekend and it was a lot farther than they initially guessed.  Thankfully they were eventually able to med evacuate him to Turkey, where he’s undergone three surgeries.  He has a long road to recovery and there are still lots of questions about the future mobility of his foot and wrist.  The doctors here told him a different bone was broken and the bone that was actually broken is very important to perform surgery immediately or there is a risk of the bone dying.  We’re very thankful he’s out of the medical system here and in the hands of qualified and knowledgeable doctors.
Our friend fell from the tree line and landed a little above the road.

I’ve been amazed by the body of believers here, both local and expats.  It truly is a blessing to be able to serve each other in times of need.  We all understand how tough it is to be away from familiar support in a crisis (family, language, hospitals, etc) so when something happens everyone is more than willing to help any way they can.  His fellow patients were also extremely helpful and concerned.  A couple of guys who stayed with him at the hospital are still getting calls a couple times a day from other patients who shared a room with him, to check in on how our friend is doing. 

Amidst that craziness we hosted a friend who was in our area.  (Not many people make it to our corner of the world so when we have guests it’s extra special.)  Calvin loves, loves, loves having guests so our friend’s visit was extra special for him.  In fact when it came time for him to leave Calvin told me he wished he could stay for 7 days instead of 3. 

When we have guests the boys come and camp out in our room at night.  During these times Micah generally tends to wake up in the middle of the night and stays awake for an hour or longer before he’ll fall back asleep, so that was rough on my already exhausted body.

We’ve tried to Micah proof our house the best we can but his climbing abilities are growing each and every week.  I find him like this about a million times every day. 

His newest trick is walking backwards while he is on top of the table, that boy loves to live on the edge and has no fear.  He loves to pull anything and everything off of tables, counters. Last week he even pulled a small wardrobe down, thankfully his nanny caught it before it came toppling down on him.  He also has been mastering the “move the chair and get whatever he wants” trick, so this has limited where we can keep things out of his reach.

I saw the doctor last week (mainly to get slips to do blood work here) and we had another ultrasound.  Everything looks great; I’m so relieved after our first ultrasound.  Every 1st trimester ultrasound I’ve had here they always tell you things that could be wrong.  So we headed to a different place this time and everything looked normal.

The week ended well by getting a chance to see so many amazing ex pat women who live in our city.  Many of these sweet women I haven’t seen in over half a year so it truly was such a great way to end a busy and emotionally draining week.  I’m so glad I finally got around to hosting a waffle brunch.

Here’s to a new week!

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Terri H said...

I feel your toddler-induced pain. Now you are motivating me to get the furniture strapped to the wall!