Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t as big of holiday here as it is in the states, but they do sell a few tacky stuffed animals and little valentine’s cards you can buy.  So I decided it wouldn’t be odd if Calvin brought a few to school either.  Plus I found the perfect printable for this year’s valentine’s Day Cards.

Calvin actually stuck with gluing everything on every card.  With 30 valentines for his classmates and two things to glue it took some effort, I was proud he stuck with it.

He loved giving them to his classmates and choosing whom would get which super hero card.  He still remembers which one he gave to which classmate.

We were able to pick up some chocolate for his teachers and made some “love day” sugar cookies using the sprinkles I found at the market last Easter.  (It’s the time of year I usually buy all of my sprinkles, since they sell a wide variety of them around Easter time.)  We gave most of them away but we did enjoy a few of them.

Calvin is still talking about “Love Day”.  He certainly enjoyed giving things to his friends so I’m glad I took the time to make an effort to celebrate it.

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