Monday, February 20, 2012

Freezing outside, Roasting inside

We’ve been having a cold winter.  It reminds me of the winter when we first moved here 6 years ago.  Lots of snow, low temps, icy paths.  We had a couple weeks were the temps never made it out of the single digits.  It was cold.  Thankfully it’s warmed up some but it’s still cold.

Apartments here tend to have two extremes, cold or roasting.  Our apartment is in the roasting category.  Although I’m thankful for a nice warm home.  We leave our windows open to try to cool off our apartment but even with them open, it’s still usually between 75-78 degrees F.

Our bathroom is literally a sauna.  The other night Marvin said, I bet it’s 90 degrees in there.  So we stuck our thermometer in there and within 5 minutes it was in the 90s.  We left it in there a while with the door closed and right before I headed to bed it reached 98 degrees.  Neither one of us had taken a shower either, which I can only imagine how hot it gets when we have the shower on.

The funny thing is, my body has gotten used to this temperature and whenever I’m at a place with normal temperatures I make sure I have a sweater on.  Either way I’m very thankful we’re blessed with good heat, so many in our city are not at the moment and many of them are struggling to keep their pipes from freezing.  We’re so blessed.  Plus our laundry dries so quickly.

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