Monday, February 27, 2012

Men’s Day

It’s technically called defenders of the motherland day, but I just call it Men’s Day.  It’s a day to honor the soldiers, a day when they roll out the tanks for a parade, which isn’t much of a parade in American’s eyes, mainly a tank driving down main street and people walking down behind it; or so I’ve been told.  We heard lots of fireworks, and I saw lots of people bringing home packaged men’s razors and shaving cream gift sets as I was using public transportation this week.

My language helper told me that when she was in school they would bring some money buy some fruit and their class would go to the home of a soldier who fought in WWII and the veteran would tell stories of the war.  It’s fascinating to be in a place where actual fighting took place.  Those memories are still very strong today, many, many, years later.

I thought a mustache cake was the perfect way to celebrate Men’s Day.  Plus it’s fun to hear Calvin ask for a piece of cake with a little mustache on it.


Carmen said...

That cake made me laugh!

April said...