Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet 16

This little guy keeps me on my toes.  

There’s never a dull moment in our house.  In the process of tidying up the boys room the other day.  Calvin comes running in their room and told me to come quick, “Micah was doing something very, very dangerous.”  I was very thankful Calvin was home because the little man got into the cleaning supplies under the sink.  In case you were wondering he broke yet another child safety latch.  I seriously think they need Micah to come test those things out before they put them on the market, I’m certain most would not make the cut.

He is a busy little fella, but I’ve been enjoying getting him to giggle a bit more as he gets older.  He loves to dance with me, and that will usually get a good giggle out of him.

His attention span is lengthening.  Currently he loves duplos and stacking cube blocks.  Sometimes he can barely contain his eagerness to knock the tower over though. 

He also loves balls, his favorite game is to throw all of his balls into his crib and attempt to climb in or bring you by the hand to his bed to retrieve them all, and then back in they go. 

I’m still so amazed at how much this little boy can eat, although still refuses to drink milk.  It’s not surprising that he weighs 26#s now.  He’s a solid little guy.

He started using his spoon just in the last few weeks, but has decided that he is the only one who can feed himself now that he has “mastered” the spoon.  Which makes certain beloved foods like yogurt, oatmeal and applesauce pretty much torturous to clean up, but he’s so proud of his accomplishment of using his spoon.

He’s been enjoying books more and more.  His big brother also loves reading right now and if I’m reading a book to Calvin he’ll bring his over and bulldoze himself into my lap, plop down and try to get me to read it immediately.  Waiting and patience are skills that he possesses none of, any tips?

His vocabulary is growing he says “Mama” “MoMo” more “Go, Go” “Hi”, “Bye, Bye”, “Ba” for ball.  When someone says “Paka, Paka” the local equivalent for bye-bye he’ll wave as well.  He’s become a fabulous greeter and generally does a happy spin when his nanny arrives in the morning.

He’s down to one nap a day, and thankfully it usually is a long one 2 ½ to 3 hours.  Our busy little guy needs his sleep.  Most nights he’s sleeping through the night but every week we still have a few nights where he’ll wake up.  We moved the boys room around a bit and put the sound machine next to his crib, which I think is helping a lot to keep him asleep at night and not being woken by noises.

He’s warming up to Daddy a bit more.  He gets to spend an hour with only daddy each week day morning while I take Calvin to preschool.  He actually let Marvin put him to bed without screaming his little head off, but we have a ways to go with the middle of the night thing.  It must be mommy.

Even though I’m completely exhausted at the end of the day, I can’t imagine my life without my Micah man.  I’m blessed by my boys.

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Michelle said...

He weighs more than Lane! Crazy! And he looks SO busy...keep up the good work, mom!