Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Still nauseous all day long, not so fun.  I’m ready for this stage to be over, but I’m thankful for these hormones that are helping our little one grow.

Still working at this language and man do I ever have a long way to go.  Today my teacher joked as we started to see if I left my brain in Turkey this time.  (After Micah was born it took a while for my brain to return to normal functioning in this language.)

Still trying to keep up with our crazy little Micah man.  Last week I was hanging up laundry, and heard a clink, clink, clink so I immediately came running to the kitchen.  I found Micah standing on the table, holding two of my Turkish plates and at the sight of me he dropped one.  Thankfully a little super glue helped mend my broken plate.  But some days it’s hard to keep up with that curious little one.

Still exhausted, I’m ready for that 2nd trimester boost of energy.  It’s welcome any day.

Still love Calvin’s zeal for super heroes.  We’ve spent many days recently where I was not known as Mommy but “Flash girl” and Daddy was “Aquaman”.  Let’s just say we’re pretty good at saving the world.

Still so blessed.

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