Saturday, January 28, 2012


Our washing machine finally died.  For the past two years, every time we did a load of laundry it leaked, which meant if I forgot to throw a towel down before the final rinse chances were we’d step in water.  Never a pleasant experience, especially first thing in the morning.

So I’ve been dreaming of a new washing machine for two years now.  Finally ours started making some new, not so great sounds, and then it stopped and refused to empty the water, but unfortunately not at the best time, a day before a trip and I still needed to do a few more loads before we left.  Thanks to two friends I was able to get my laundry done in 2 hours and we decided to do our research and get a machine when we came back.

Once we returned from our trip, we decided it was time to make the big purchase and oh how I love this machine. 

My favorite features

  • If I want I am able to wash something in 20 minutes, verses the typical 2 hour cycle of European washing machines. 
  • I can add my laundry at night and set it to start before we wake up.  Beautiful. 
  • Not to mention it’s 1,000 times quieter than our old machine, which is helpful since our machine is in our kitchen, very common in our part of the world. 
  • It also holds 2 more kilos of clothing, which means less loads of laundry.

I’m still so very smitten.

Why is it that new appliances are so thrilling?  Micah also loves all the fancy new buttons that make noise when you press them.  Thankfully it came with a child lock feature, which is quite helpful in our house currently.

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Michelle said...

Oh, I know...our washer has a fast cycle and I love it! I don't use it that often, but it's great for the first cycle of cloth diapers, washing Lane's bigh chair, etc. Although ours sounds like it's about to take off for flight it's
so loud...