Monday, January 02, 2012

Fun Company

We had the opportunity to host our company’s Christmas party this year.  Our living room was filled with tables, but we made it work.  I continue to be surprised at how many people can fit comfortably in our small apartment.

Our amazing team helped create a great meal, I truly got the easy part a cheesecake and cooking the meat which involved next to no work, plus our nanny helped me with that one.  One of our fabulous teammates was able to make her portion of the meal without any running water all day long.  (She made mashed potatoes, which I’m still amazed she decided to make them with no running water.  Thankfully we’re all prepared for no water days with jugs filled with water tucked away, but still she’s AMAZING.)

I stumbled on a fun game and we engaged in some friendly competition, Minute to Win it style, (Confession:  I didn’t know it was a television show when I found the idea, seriously you all have to keep me to speed on these things.)

Balancing ornaments on a stick lying on a paper towel roll

Cup Stacking

Marshmallow building

And the classic opening of the present with ski gloves before the person beside you rolls doubles.
*our office manager barely pulled out that win!

Everyone had a good time.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of memories.

My least favorite part about hosting, the clean up.


But it goes much faster with several dish washers.

We’re so blessed to have such a fabulous team.

And yes the next day did require a long nap.

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