Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cute Little Snowmen

Calvin’s preschool had their New Year’s party this week and this year all the little boys had to dress up as snowmen, the girls got to be princesses.  A friend finally spotted a snowman costume at the market so we had to make a trip there after preschool one day to scoop one up.  I am so thankful I found one, I had no idea how to sew this crazy rendition of a snowman.

As part of the culture children’s concerts usually involve lots of singing, dancing, reciting of poems, drama and gifts for children.  It was so fun to watch his first real school program.  A weird sort of mama pride swells up in you as you watch your child clap, stomp, spin and sing.  That was very unexpected for me.  It was a very cute performance.

I’ll be honest I was very nervous for Calvin to recite his poem.  He knew it but I also know how shy he gets in front of crowds.  This isn’t the greatest video, but here he is quietly reciting his poem, he did it!  

I’m impressed, how many 4 year olds in America have to recite poems in front of a room full of people?  But everyone one of his classmates had a poem to recite and they were all different.  I have to come clean because this is the first poem I’ve had to memorize in a LONG time.  If you are curious his poem was about a Father bringing home a tree and how fluffy and fragrant it was, and in the end the Mother quickly decorated it.

Here is one last video of his performance.  This song was about a Rabbit and a wolf.  Adorable.  See if you can spot our “Snegavik”.  (Snowman.)

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