Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Actually…..(don’t you just love it when that word comes out of a little kids mouth?)

Calvin’s recently added “Also” to his common speech. 
Here’s today’s conversation.
“You can either choose to have a cookie with M&Ms later or have M&Ms now and no cookie later.

“Okay I’m choosing to have a cookie later, and also M&Ms now.”
I tell you this kid’s on the road to becoming a lawyer.

He often changes his “remind”.

We’re still working on the polite way to say a few things,
For instance he’ll stay “Don’t you want to play games with me?” Instead of “Do you want?”

And when given a compliment he’ll say, “Yea I know.”

When he started school I made him a little draw string bag to keep his P.E. clothes in, and I told him it was for P.E. and he said, “Mommy I have to pee in there?”

He often requests, “scrambled toast.”  Any guesses what that may be?

This request is usually followed up by this, “You know the one with the powdered sugar on the top.”

Yep French Toast, although I think I like scrambled toast better, it may just be known as scrambled toast forever in our house.

When we race he tries to get to "basement" before you do.

There are so many things about this age I just don't ever want to forget.  This parenting stuff is tough some days but other days a simple "I love you mommy" makes up for all those tough days.  It's so worth it.  This little guy is just too special.

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Michelle said...

LOL, I love it. "Yeah, I know." HA! Kids are so funny! I'll never forget a 4-year old I nannied for telling me that what we needed was a compromise. Gosh I wanted to kill whoever taught her that word! Enjoy it...they do grow up so fast!