Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating Christmas 2011

We had a nice and mellow Christmas this year.  The boys were up past bedtime on Christmas Eve due to our ex pat Christmas get together.  We had a lot of fun, Calvin had a blast, but Micah was pretty grumpy, so I figured he’d sleep in. 

 WRONG 5:30 he wanted up, after many attempts of getting him back to sleep I feed him breakfast, in the dark in his room and put him back to bed.  He eventually fell asleep.

Right after that I got a drink of water around 7:00 a.m. a sleepy little 4 year old comes strolling in, we enjoyed a Christmas cookie and some water together then we went back to bed until 9:30.  Beautiful.

I haven’t slept that late in forever.  A Gift.

Calvin of course woke up first ready for some waffles, begging to wake up Micah because he really loves waffles, so eventually his pleas won me out of bed.  Waffles it was, although we let Micah sleep longer. He finally woke up around 10 a.m.

Then it was on to our last Jesse tree reading, we sang a few songs and then added the pieces to the nativity scene on our advent calendar.  A certain little guy was bouncing up and down with excitement and eagerly turned around and right into the corner of the TV.  Ouch.  A HUGE goose egg appeared and we spent the better part of 20 minutes snuggling with a boo boo bear on his forehead.  Thankfully that didn’t ruin his day.  A little ibuprofen and some recovery time and he was ready to see what was in his stocking.

He loved all of his stocking.  All of his favorite things were piled into one place, what’s not to love? Chocolate kinder eggs, stickers, glow sticks, puzzles and a new movie.  He loved it and kept expressing his gratefulness.

Micah loved his new blocks.  They sort of distracted him from all of Calvin’s cool new toys.

Then we surprised Calvin with presents. He thought all the presents under the tree were for other people, so that rocked his world. The gift that left him bouncing around the house the rest of the day was his new spider man costume.

We consumed candy for lunch. Except Micah and me, he had crackersi had pickles.

I put a ham in the oven and mixed up some frosting and let the sugar fest begin:

Sugar cookies, then we decorated our gingerbread house. 

Which brought about more bouncing off the walls.

We skyped with our family.

Had some ham sandwiches for dinner and went to bed.
It was a beautiful day. 
One we’ll remember forever.

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