Friday, March 25, 2011

sooooo sleepy

We're experiencing something new with Calvin.  He's never been one of those kids who would fall asleep in strange places.  I guess technically he did do it once as a baby, but other than that it's new territory for us.  His nap free days are better for all of us most days, but some days, a nap is necessary.  When Mr. Grumpy Gills appears shortly after lunch I know it's a nap day, otherwise we'll never make it through the day without a million meltdowns. 

However sometimes he does this.
Or falls asleep mid puzzle

 Or while watching football, aka soccer, on a Saturday afternoon with daddy
I just love capturing the sweetness of a sleeping child. 

Here's one more I can't resist posting, this one is of him curled up with his favorite teddy bear in the morning.  It's a rare thing for him to sleep much later than me, I do savor those few minutes when they actually happen.  He has this strange radar, he knows when someone is awake and he'd hate to miss out on anything.

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Jamie said...

What a sweetie!