Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Holding On

I was reminded of one of my favorite passages last week.  John 15.   It's been a favorite for so many reasons and this week it was an encouragement in a whole new way.

My computer time this week has been almost non existent, but I did sit down and check email one afternoon and Ann's post came through.  Her words were a gift and encouraged this tired mama's heart.
"Even out of comfort zones, every moment’s this gleaming gift, the Vine never letting us go."

The vine's not letting go, he will help me with the tremendous tasks that face me each day.  Recently it's been a struggle to get everything finished each day.  Most days I've gone to bed feeling like a failure, overwhelmed by the multitude of things on my plate and feeling as if I'm not doing any of them well.  I was reminded once again of how sweet our savior truly is.  I needed to be reminded that......

He will help me learn this language.
He will help me engage others about him.
He will help me love and care for my family.
He will help me with all the paperwork staring me down right now.

He's not letting go, and neither am I.

I'm clinging to him and praying that I will bear much fruit!

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