Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving on Up

@ Your 4 month birthday


  • Weighed in at 16 lbs 6.4oz.
  • And were 25.5 inches tall
  • Are In love with your hands, and even like to share them with your mama.
  • You figured out how to roll both ways the day before you turned 4 months.
  • You learned a few new sounds, a fun little squeal and how to blow raspberries.
  • You also love to pull things over your head, up to this point we were swaddling you with a blanket but that halted when you woke up screaming with the blanket over your face. So sleep was rough as you learned how to sleep soft taco style rather than burrito style. It was rough...but you learned.
  • Your fingers are starting to work better and you're able to grab things you want.
  • You also have quite the grip
  • You still hate getting dressed
  • You decided you like to splash in the bathtub and love trying catching your rubber ducky
  • I wish you'd stay little forever my sweet little man.

@5 months

  • Weighed in at 17 lbs. and 3.2 oz.
  • Are 26 inches tall
  • You're starting to sit up on your own, but still toppling over
  • You're also starting to scoot, you now just need to figure out how to get that big belly off the ground
  • You love your big brother, he is your source of entertainment, you LOVE it when he comes in the room.
  • You're our little faucet, you drool constantly, we're convinced your teething
  • You can roll quite well and escape your play gym almost every time we put you on it
  • You love to sit, and have started sitting in your high chair
  • You also love to pound on the table or high chair
  • You've added baa baa to your babble
  • You can even stick your tongue out, a trick your big brother taught you (he's pretty proud of that)
  • Your love for your pacifier is dwindling as toys and your hands take precedent
  • You're still waking up once at night to eat, sometimes twice, you like to eat
  • Some days it's hard to tear myself away from playing with you to do housework or homework, as I know these days are flying by.
  • You're loved more than you'll ever know.

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