Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oh the things they say

This kid seriously cracks me up. He comes up with something hilarious daily. He woke up on Sunday and his first request was for "brefest" and his second request was if I could make him a shiny pirate hook. (Not something you usually hear first thing in the morning.) Later that afternoon I spent 30 minutes to not only make him a shiny hook, but he had a pirate hat and an eye patch to go along with it. The hat turned out a bit funny but he's in love with it so that's all that matters, it was well worth using some of my precious felt. He's been the happiest little pirate in the world the past few days.


Marvin usually watches the sport channel here and we have a few different sports that are regulars on our channel than we had in America, like curling and biathlon but according to Calvin we also have:

Skiing down the hill

my personal favorite jumping in the water (diving)

and then there is skiing country


He also takes things quite literally. The other day he used the little boy’s room and he came out of the toilet room with his pants around his ankles and he was bouncing up and down shaking his little tush. When asked what he was doing he replied, "I'm shaking the hurt out, but it's not working."


Of all random things I've found here I stumbled upon plain marshmallows at a little kiosk behind our apartment, and of course they only had one package. So almost every day since we bought them, I've had this request for breakfast, lunch or dinner "Mom can we have hot chocolate with marshmallows for..... {Name your meal}. He's persistent but I love him.

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