Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little dose of randomness

It took 29 years for me to taste chocolate cereal.  For some strange reason I always thought it would be gross, I was sure wrong.

Speaking about cereal I recently came to the conclusion that I'm lactose intolerant, which means no more dairy on my cereal.  Marvin's giving me a hard time about this self diagnosis but I've noticed it got worse after having Micah.  This makes me so sad because I love milk and all milk products, (well I don't love Ayran or Kefir) but I love not feeling horrible after I have a glass of milk.

I tried researching dairy free recipes, and it's quite depressing as most recipes or sites have you substitute something we can't get here. Sigh……I hope to try my hand at making almond milk next week.

This is why I was so excited to find Soy milk at Metro, think Sam's club. It was over 3 times the cost of a box of cow's milk but it's so nice to have that as an option from time to time.

Metro just opened in a city about an hour and half away. We were able to stop there on the way home from visiting friends last week. We also found some fun finds like peanut butter, plain tortilla chips and tortillas. We also finally bought a toaster; it's been so nice having "quick: toast" for breakfast the past two mornings. If you are wondering "long toast" would be the old school way of toasting it in the oven. I tell you it's the little things that make my day!

On our way to Metro we saw signs for McDonalds. We seriously were in disbelief and wondering if it was real, but then we spotted the golden arches. Wow a real fast food restaurant is only an hour and a half away. Crazy.

We also made a trip to IKEA over the New Year holiday. Since I broke all but 2 of my plates it was high time to stock up again. We also were able to pick up lots of random stuff I wanted to get like new kitchen chairs (ours are falling apart), a crib for Micah, and a bunch of random kitchen doo dads. Our van was filled to the brim coming home and surprisingly it has all found a home now.

We watched Food Inc. last week and it was so very eye opening, makes me wonder about our food sources here. I highly recommend it and I liked that it urged you to make a difference in how you spend your money at the store. Point taken.

New Years Eve we received a ginormous package from my parents. It was so much fun opening. It was filled with all sorts of Christmas goodies like Twizzlers, Reese's Pieces, Animal Crackers for Calvin, taco seasoning, some new games, toys for the boys and a few clothes to help diversify our wardrobe. We love packages and it was so fun to get it before the country literally went on vacation for 10 days. Thanks mom & dad!

I generally don't make New Year's Resolutions but here is my goal this year: wake up early. It's much easier to do now since I feed Micah at 6 a.m. I hope that this trend soon becomes a habit, I love having a little quiet before the boys wake up and it's also nice being able to work out without having to answer a million questions mid workout from a certain 3 year old. Once it warms up and there isn't any more ice around I hope to start the Couch to 5K. I'm getting excited about jogging again.
And that's a wrap. Thanks for bearing with my randomness.


Michelle said...

Did you know they make pills that you can take after eating dairy? My sister self-diagnosed herself as lactose intolerant and that's what she does. You could have someone mail you some...

Natalie said...

Ah! Angela and I started the Couch to 5K training last didn't last too long but I want to start up again! So day of working out this year! lol Good luck!